• Lola Kola SHORT THEATRE 6 settembre 2021 ph claudia pajewski

a project by Silvia Calderoni and Ilenia Caleo

together with Lola Kola


graphics and post-production CHEAP street poster art
project curated by Paola Granato
writing Ilenia Caleo

translation Ilaria Patano
photo by Claudia Borgia

Claudia Pajewski/ Short Theatre 2021

thanks to Sylvia De FantiMaddalena FragnitoCRAAAZIFivizzano27

production of For The Time Being (Prototyping the Queering Platform) by FreespaceWest Kowloon Art Park/Cultural District, Hong Kong with the support of Short Theatre (Rome)

SO IT IS_Roma is the first of several stages. It is a gesture of infestation of public spaces, and it is not a numero zero

SO IT IS_Roma is an invitation to the musician and performer Lola Kola: embracing a practice and building an unpredictable imaginary of what bodies can be and do. The action-matrix which inspired SO IT IS_Roma came to life in Bologna in 2020, within the public art project La lotta è fica, designed and curated by CHEAP street poster art. Now it thrives and transforms through other bodies and places.



- each poster is one and unique, like our bodies (as long as it is not our desire that changes this indication)

- the shot is full-length, the body is naked

- the size of the poster is full size

- the body is at rest and not in an action

- the interventions on the body are carried out in graphic post-production / photomontage

- each poster is posted in a different city

the artist chooses the exact place for the posting, based on their city and the communities that live there


Throughout its stages, SO IT IS_# will weave a network of affections and relations: a practice of contact with the people we will meet and the communities surrounding them, materialising in an urban, non-virtual space.

The map of posters will be put together, stage by stage.


Lola Kola is an artist, musician and singer. She defines herself this way:

“No one ever really understood what Lola Kola does. She is a woman, a man, a transgender, a child, a toy, a rocking stud mare. She has been a fashion designer, model, actress, prostitute, drug dealer, drug addict, singer, pop icon, diva, a madwoman, without ever wishing to be anything."


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