SO IT IS_# is a gesture of infestation of public spaces. During the long period when bodies physically disappeared from space, this gesture happens through the body, albeit from a distance.

The action-matrix which inspired SO IT IS came to life in Bologna in 2020, within the public art project La lotta è fica, designed and curated by CHEAP street poster art. Now it thrives and transforms through other bodies and places. 

In these months, we have asked other artists/performers to answer a question, embrace a practice and build an unpredictable imaginary of what bodies can be and do.

An action-matrix that proliferates, changing body, city, sign, imagination: a fantasy embedded on each body in different ways and contexts, imagining a life-sized poster of one's own naked body. Taking up space.



– each poster is one and unique, like our bodies (as long as it is not our desire that changes this indication)

- the shot is full-length, the body is naked

- the size of the poster is full size

- the body is at rest and not in an action

- the interventions on the body are carried out in graphic post-production / photomontage

- each poster is posted in a different city

the artist chooses the exact place for the posting, based on their city and the communities that live there


Involving others brings out a relational system: the project is also a practice of contact with the people we met over time and with the communities around them. SO IT IS becomes a space of intimacy, weaving overflowing affections - the map of posters is also a map of desires: where we would like to return, with whom we would like to spend time or have a creative exchange.

We document messages, emails, correspondences and voice memos as a way of writing  down this spatially exploded intimacy. --- CORRESPONDENCES

We look for artists living in different cities and circumstances so that exposing one's own body in public spaces also becomes a recognition of boundaries, risks, and perceptions. What is possible and what isn't. What you can imagine and what you can't.